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Restorations (Gold)
All Fees are Plus Gold
Inlays, Onlays
Full Crown
$65.00 (Plus Gold)
Gold Pontic
Full Crown (White)
$85.00 (Full Price)
Crown with Post
$35.00 (Addtional)
Endo Post
Endo Post with Crown
$40.00 (Addtional)
Telescoping Crown
Crown Adapted/Partial
$25.00 (Addtional)
Splinting or Solderless Joint
$18.00 (Addtional)
PD Attachment
Precision Attachment
$45.00 (Plus Attachment)
Restorations (Porcelain)
PFM (Semi-Nobel)
$82.50 (Full Price)
PFM - Porcelain Fused to Metal
$92.50 (Plus Gold)
PFG - Porcelain Fused to Gold
$82.50 (Plus Gold)
Crown with Post
$35.00 (Additional)
Porcelain Veneer
Full Ceramic Crown
Porcelain Onlay, Inlay
Porcelain Margins
$20.00 (Additional)
PFM Adapted / Partial
$25.00 (Additional)


Five to ten days are required on cases. Rush cases may be arranged in advance. (5% Discount) with full payment within ten (10) days of billing. A 2% service charge will be added after thirty (30) days of billing. Pick up and delivery at no charge, model work at no charge, cosmetic wax ups at no charge. Mail order (UPS) available at no charge (add two (2) days working time). Prices are subject to change.